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2018 4th of July Committee Members ​

Chair Person: Sarah Trent
Co-Chair Person: Sandra Lewis
Secretary/Treasurer: Ann Trent
Venue Coordinators: Jerry Ball & Chris Manis
Entertainment Coordinator: Sandra Lewis
Food Vendor Coordinator: Tim Lewis Jr. & Gerald Trent
Beverage & Merchandise Sales Coordinator: Danny Henry

Fundraising Coordinator:  Danny Henry
​Fundraising Co-Coordinator: Stacy Mayes
Publicity: Debbie Beal, Tommy Campbell, & Jeff Bobo
Social Media & Website Coordinator: Sandra Lewis

Committee Volunteer Coordinator: Stacy Mayes
Fiddling Competition: Randy Ball and Sandra Lewis
​Firecracker 5K: TBD
3 on 3 Basketball Tournament Coordinator: Brice Lackey
Free Swim Coordinator: Liz Woolridge
Fireworks Coordinators: Bob and Julie Smith
Fireworks Soundtrack: Dr. Blaine Jones
Guidebook: The 4th of July Committee
Photographer: Sheldon Livesay

EMS Coordinators: Paul Lutz and Jason Murrell
Rescue Squad Emergency Services Coordinator: Corey Young
Security Coordinator: Rogersville Police Chief Doug Nelson